Disneyland on New Years Day! People just handed us fast passes for a bunch of rides cos they were leaving! Yes! http://t.co/z3bc4Lfg

As you head out to your New Year’s Eve festivities, please remember to be as safe as you can while having an insane amount of fun.

Hoorah. Live here in 15 minutes: http://t.co/OdMghds8

Are you guys aware of how good at music Mike Lombardo is? It blows me away.

RT @megscatapult: @AlexCarpenter Joy to the World?

Have you listened to any of the Jingle Spells albums this week? Some of the best Wizard Rock songs out there, go + revisit the Wizard Cheer.

WONDERLAND! http://t.co/I4hHscWq See Meekakitty, Nanalew , Jason and I go down the Rabbit Hole. Tick Tock! Click + RT!

I am so elated for @ryanseiler. I love that man.

The amount of footage I just shot for this video is incredible. I guess I learned a lot from @meekakitty + @nanalew #32GigSDCard

Posted my #P4A video about something really personal and important to me. I hope you find time to watch it. http://t.co/aH6nlFRA

Listening to “Men In Black” by Will Smith on the way to the Nintendo 24 hour challenge. Great way to start a morning.

RT @naturallysteph: And that’s why you always leave a note.

Great weekend in Orlando shooting videos and prepping for http://t.co/dwoXHv6N Now back to LA to shoot 2 more videos and a short film!

Maps. #dialuptour

Responding to comments on the http://t.co/QMpJ4XFq video now! http://t.co/pAaWFPaJ Come Chat!